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Back to the blogging

Well I am back to blogging again after a good 3-4 year lag. After I lost my last blog and all of its content it took a while to get up the energy to try again.

So here I am again. This time I am going to be signing up for Project 52. This should keep me motivated and adding new content every week.  This new content should come in the form of some decent programming articles and maybe a review or two. If Google is really nice to me and actually ships me a CR-48 then I will get to start blogging about that and my attempt to do most of my personal work from that machine. I only mention the CR-48 because I found out that one is being delivered to my zip code tomorrow! So... maybe it might be to me? There is always a chance.

Past that I should be putting up some stuff on Phing as I do some work with that. I will also be doing some work with ExtJS, Sencha Touch, and JIRA in the next few weeks and should have some decent information about those as well. All in all I believe I finally have some good stuff to write about that will display some solid information. It is good to be working on newer technology and keeping my skill set current.

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