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Android’s busiest little app – Tasker

So I explained my love for Tasker in my last post but I wanted to elaborate on the sheer awesomeness of this app. I have been using Tasker for about 10 days now and it is by far my most used app.

The coolest use I have found so far is that it can silence my phone when I have a scheduled calendar event in which I am classified as "busy". That is pretty great because I always forget to turn off my ringer during my meetings and it gets a little annoying. That is not the coolest part though. I have my phone set up so that if my wife sends me a text message that has the word "SOS" in it, it will automatically turn off silent mode, play the notification sound, wait 2 seconds, play it again, wait 2 seconds, and then turns silent mode back on. I don't always look down at my phone when in a meeting so if my wife REALLY needs to get a hold of me that is the perfect way to ensure I hear it.

I still need to try out a few more tasks. I seem to always have a desire to add more tasks into the app. I always want it to do a little bit more. I am not saying that it doesn't do enough, but there is just so much it can accomplish and I currently only have six tasks running. If anyone has any suggestions for some great tasks please share. Meanwhile I will start reading the forums more and seeing what other people have put together.