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So this weekend I decided to upgrade my environment a little bit. I went ahead and purchased a Virtual Private Server with Dreamhost and upgraded my Github account to the Micro plan.

My current project, which I have yet to disclose, needed more room and a repository. I could have just went with SVN on my Dreamhost server but I opted to go with Github in the end because I can more easily get to the files when I need them. I also want to try and keep all my code in one place (whether private or public). With the Micro plan only being $7 a month, I figured it was a good place to start so I can still keep my current project private but have the code on Github. This is my first interaction with Git and I must say that it isn't too bad at all.

With VPS on Dreamhost I really just needed a MongoDB and I wanted complete control over it, so I basically needed either to host it myself or get a VPS. Hosting myself was not really an option as the only box I have that can host it easily is my old Ubuntu machine and I really don't want to try running MongoDB for many users on a 32bit, 3 ghz system with 1gb of RAM. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster. Dreamhost's VPS are 64bit which is important for MongoDB, and they are scalable really easily (and somewhat expensively). I even started doing some of my development on my CR-48 by going into the shell access and sshing into my VPS. I am not a huge fan of vim but it works in a pinch.

The one big problem I am having right now is that MongoDB won't start up on my VPS and the PHP extension isn't working properly. I currently have a trouble ticket in with Dreamhost to check this out for me. I have my data exported and ready to go to put it into the new DB on my VPS, I just need a working DB. Once that is done I already have Fat Free Framework setup and my code in place and working, so I am almost there. I just have a todo list that is about 15-20 items in length before I can launch this thing and start moving on to other aspects of the project. Hopefully I will be able to have a launch post in 2-3 weeks.