FallenRayne Dev One developer's random thoughts are better than nothing.


FallenRayne is a name that I took way back in 1998 as my online moniker.  I went with FallenRayne Dev on this site instead of FallenRayne Design simply because I am a much better developer than a designer.

My skill set includes PHP, JavaScript, Java, SQL, and if need be I can design a little.  I would say that I am best at JavaScript and I am pretty decent with both PHP and Java.  I am pretty solid with SQL as well.  For JavaScript I have experience with ExtJS and jQuery.  I have experience with Symfony for PHP and Struts for Java.  I have used both MySQL and Oracle, plus I have dabbled a little here and there with CouchDB and MongoDB.

I am not really looking for work at this time due to already being a full time developer and a full time dad, but I will never automatically turn down a job.  I don't have a good portfolio at this time due to all of my work since 2004 being in intranets or secure websites with no outside access.  I am hoping over the course of the next few years to start building up a decent portfolio of apps, both mobile and web.

Hopefully I can put some good content on this page that will help out a few people who were looking for the same answers that I was.