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Not a whole lot

Ok, so this has been a busy week for me at work so I haven't had as much time as I would have liked to work on some stuff. I am currently working on a private project that I hope to have out sometime in the next two months. Progress is slow due to working with code all day and not wanting to work on it much more until midnight, which then keeps me up till 1am and only an hour of work on my personal projects. :\

The new project is pretty cool though. I am using MongoDB, ExtJS, and possibly Symfony to throw it all together. MongoDB is the primary database, I might mixin MySQL at some point but right now MongoDB fits the bill perfectly. ExtJS is going to be the primary frontend with a Sencha Touch tie in for mobile devices and possibly a mobile app. Symfony is going to be mainly used for routing and authentication at this time.

I already have my database populated (which was a pain as I had to scrape a website to get all the data I needed as it is not readily available). I have the initial interface up and running and I am able to do basic queries right now using a ExtJS DataView as the main view with a ExtJS FormPanel controlling the complex filtering. I have to flesh out the filtering more and get that all routed through a solid filter class that I need to write and it should be mostly done.

Once at that point I just have to work on a couple of the other features of the app, clean up the code, and set my Ubuntu box up as my web server. I would use a host for this but it is difficult to find one that gives MongoDB access, and the ones that do normally charge extra. Not to mention that I am already using DreamHost (which ROCKS!) and they are doing pretty good with my other sites that I work on plus this blog. I could always set up a private server with them to use MongoDB but I am cheap at this point and I want to get the app into closed Beta and see how some of my friends like using it before I make any major decisions.

So like I said, hopefully in the next couple of months I will have the closed beta going and I can start making some of the bigger decisions as to where the project will lead. I will give updates on new features I implement and cool things I figure out, but until then I just need to get motivated and get this thing done.

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