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The Downfall of My Productivity… Minecraft

Ok, so I had a few friends that claimed that Minecraft was the greatest game in existence. I laughed them off as crazy, thinking that there is no way a simple game of digging and building could be that great. On top of that, I had work to do. Lots of work to do. I finally got my website going at full steam. I got awesome progress with MongoDB and was doing really really cool things.

Then Dreamhost happened. Oh Dreamhost, why oh why can't you get MongoDB working in your PHP 5.3.5 configuration? No, instead I am stuck using 5.2 in order to use MongoDB. That is all well and good until I stop for a second and realize that I am using Fat Free Framework (PHP 5.3+) and the only other framework that I would really consider at this time is Symfony 2 with Doctrine 2 ODM (Object Document Model for MongoDB) which is also PHP 5.3+. So basically I got stalled out in my tracks. Awesome.

In comes Minecraft. I was bored one night. I got tired of playing Madden '11 and wanted something new. Well, Minecraft is new, and it is only $20, and I already have friends playing it. It would be a great way of wasting a couple of nights while I wait for Dreamhost to get their act together. So that was Thursday night of last week. I have now spent the last 5 nights playing Minecraft on my friend's server and it just doesn't end. Now I am all proud about how I build some fictional obsidian farming technique that is getting me a ton of obsidian in a short time, whereas the actual projects I was working on just sit there and do nothing. Granted, Dreamhost still has not fixed my VPS, so I have that excuse, but I really should be trying to do something more productive with my time.

Ah well, I'm off to play Minecraft. I need to build a new tower out of obsidian.

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